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Has the foreclosure moratorium been lifted?


How to Stop Foreclosure During Covid-19?

Call your mortgage servicer right away. Your servicer is the company or bank you send your mortgage payments to every month. Do not stop making payments without talking to them.

You also have a mortgage lender. This may be different than your servicer. The lender owns your mortgage. If you don’t know who your lender is, ask your servicer. What rules apply to you depends on your lender.

Federally-Backed Mortgages

For many loans, servicers have to offer you forbearance options if you ask for help because your income has been affected by the COVID-19 emergency. Forbearance means your payments are not due until the end of the forbearance period. A forbearance can be up to 12 months. You still owe all your mortgage payments for that time, but they can’t charge you late fees or report missed payments to the credit bureaus.

At the end of the forbearance period, you need to work with your servicer to start making payments again, and to deal with the payments you missed in the forbearance. There may be multiple options to catch up on your payments. Talk to your servicer before your forbearance ends.

If you ask for help, many loan servicers offer forbearance options for the following types of federally-backed loans:

  • FHA

  • HUD Reverse Mortgage

  • VA

  • USDA

  • Fannie Mae

  • Freddie Mac

Private Bank Mortgages

If your mortgage is not a federally-backed mortgage like the ones listed above, it is owned by a private bank. If that is the case, your servicer may not offer forbearance options. Your servicer may voluntarily offer a forbearance or have other options. Contact your servicer right away and ask for information and options directly from them.

Foreclosure During Covid 2021?

The Biden-Harris Administration extended the foreclosure moratorium and mortgage forbearance enrollment period for homeowners with government-backed mortgages to provide relief to struggling homeowners. On June 24th, the Administration extended the foreclosure moratorium for a final, additional month until July 31, 2021, and the forbearance enrollment window through September 30, 2021, and provided up to three months of additional forbearance for certain borrowers.

These actions were taken by three federal agencies that back mortgages – the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) provided similar relief for mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. So if you are looking for a foreclosure TODAY you are unfortunately out of luck, however we have a few strategies to keep you in your home. Call today